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The Swords of Chivalry


A Medieval Entertainment


The Swords of Chivalry entertain at all manner of commercial events from village fetes to country fairs and Charity Fund raisers,

Talks tailor made for each age group, we display our weapons, and allow the children access to medieval clothing and goods used in that era. By bringing history alive for the youngsters,and capturing their imagination, we recreate medieval life of the 15th Century with costume and armour from across Europe. Showing how slowly the fashions changed, from the Scottish borders to northen Italy.

During all events, the audience is welcome to ask questions and (under strict supervision) to look at and touch the armour and weapons.

The many testimonials we have received since we started in 1993, bear witness to our love for the historical period we recreate and to the care and attention we bring to our re enactments.

Distance is not normally a problem as we are happy to camp overnight, provided we can have access to the usual facilities. We have found that the medieval encampment is a huge incentive to draw in the crowds.

We are Hertfordshire based group but we have members living in Essex, Herts, Cambs and Suffolk.

Individually and collectively the Swords of Chivalry are vastly experienced, training regularly to perfect their art so that we may safely and accurately perform our Entertainments for your functions. We also have television and film experience and are happy to take part in any kind of event.


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Photos and words from the Members of the Swords of Chivalry

4th June 2017