William of Cornwall


William of Cornwall,

Squire to Sir Percival of York


In the year of my lord 1341,one year after the successful Battle of Sluys I was born, the third son of Lord Benjamin Lake.
My father was a celebrated knight who was given his lands and title by our King Edward III, for his part in Battle of Halidon Hill’s success in Bannockburn (1333) then again in the Battle of Cadsand in Flanders, France 1337.

1350- In August, my brothers fought in the Battle of Winchelsea, a victory, under the command of Edward III and The Black Prince. I was sent (soon after my brothers departed) to become a page for William le Scrope, 1st Earl of Wiltshire.

I was taught the art of Chivalry, manners of the battlefield, and the nature of horse and weapons. My tuition was started with archery going on hunts. Then building on fighting with mace, axe, but most of all the sword.