Sir Edmund De Montmercy

Nunquam obliviscar

Earl of Cambridge


Born, 1380, the second son of Lord Montmercy the Bishop of Bath. The year Chaucer begins to write The Canterbury Tales

1388, aged eight. Sent to be a page at the household of the Earl of Oxford. Accompanied Sir John de Bulchin, one of the Earl's knights to Calais France to reinforce the kings garrison.

1391 in a skirmish on the outskirts of the city. Sir John was unhorsed, his squire Henry and myself went to help him as he lay unconscious on the road therefore saved him from the knights French, who would have held him to ransom.

1393, aged thirteen. Sir John dubbed me his squire; I started to train with lance and broadsword.

1397, aged seventeen. During a tournament in Gascony, Sir John was wounded and lost his foot to a Italian knight. I commandeered a house from a lesser French noble. We stayed for three months while Sir Roger healed. Upon returning to Oxford he met with the Earl. The Earl dubbed me a knight, and asked me to take over Sir Roger's responsibilities. The next month I left for York, part of the Kings commission of array to help keep the fragile peace in the north.

1400, aged twenty. Summoned back to London by John of Gaunt after the death of King Richard II, to reform, control and standardised English tourneys. I was given the honour of being the first marshal to enforce the kings laws of chivalry.

1415, aged thirty four. Left for France with King Henry’s, army fought at the siege of Harfleur and survived the battle of Agincourt.

1416, aged thirty six. After long service to the crown, in France, Spain and England, King Henry V, granted me the Earldom of Cambridge.