The Knights


The Knights which make up the Swords of Chivalry are the centrepiece of the group. They are the fighters of the group, and it is their honour, bravery and camaraderie that form the main attraction for most of the visitors to our shows.

The fights and tournaments in the shows we put on are not choreographed, which means that each Knight has to be highly skilled in the art of swordsmanship. The element of danger is one of the things that makes our group so special !

Each Knight has to go through a period of training, as a Squire, before he is honoured with the title of Knighthood, bestowed upon him.


Sir Edmund Montmercy, Earl of Cambridge,
Sir Percival of York, Earl of Hertfordshire, The Duke's Bannerman
Sir Malias de Brac, French Noble, The household of Burgundy and Marshal of the Lists
Sir Otto Von Strasburg, Knight Errant, The Mercenary
Sir Ralph De Montfichet, Veteran of many Tournaments, Herald
Sir William de Lacy, Knight Errant, Sir Percival's Right hand man
Sir Áengus of Lothian, Knight Errant, from Scotland
Sir James of Waltham, Knight Errant

Retired Knights and Ladys

Sir Richard Mowbray, Duke of Norfolk
Lady Mowbray, Duchess of Norfolk
Sir Henry of Northumberland, Knight Errant, Defender of the Northern Borders,
Robin of Venezia, Squire
Richard of Ulster, Squire
Humphrey of Fakenham, Squire
William of Cornwall, Squire
Lady Josephine of Cornwall
Katherine of Cornwall
Pierre of Calais,