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The Swords of Chivalry came into being in 1993 when the aptly named Paul Battleday (Sir Richard Mowbray, Duke of Norfolk) broached the idea for a Medieval Tournament Group to friends Andy Prior (Sir Malias de Brac), his brother Bob (Sir Edmund de Montmercy), Paul Black (Sir John of Lancaster) and Paul Brewer (Sir Otto von Strasburg).

The guys, steeped in the Arthurian ideals of honour and chivalry took the field, performing at fetes and small festivals, gaining experience - and purchasing more arms and armour - with every show.

From these small beginnings where each Knight, armed only with a sword and surcoat, performed at local fetes and attractions, the Swords of Chivalry is now a fully functioning professional Medieval Entertainment Society calling on upwards of Eight Knights, all fully armed and armoured and each with their own full compliment of Men at Arms, Squires and Pages - and of course their own dear Ladies.

As is normal over the years, not all original members have stayed the course. However this has been more than compensated by new members, all of whom have brought to the Group their own indiviual talents.

Our Entertainments are a riot of colour and pagentry - the gaily striped medieval tents, along with the flags, banners and shields denoting the attention to detail and love of the period, shown by our members.

Within our Group we have members all bound by a common love of the medieval period.



Tug of War with a Traction Engine, Rougham Airfield